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New U.S. screening requirements for drums, cans and barrels    06/15/21

At United, our goal is to get every shipment where it needs to be safely and on time. This is why we are introducing new screening requirements for drums, cans and barrels shipments originating in the U.S.

Effective immediately, all U.S. origin shipments containing drums, cans and barrels must be tendered as pre-screened by a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF). A CCSF screens cargo using a TSA approved security program and follows a strict chain of custody to the airport and onto an aircraft. This new policy will expedite the shipping of this type of cargo through security. Shipments containing fully regulated Dangerous Goods are the only commodity exempted from this requirement.

As a reminder, below are the shipping requirements for all drums, cans and barrels:

  • All drums, cans and barrels must be placed on an elevated platform at least four inches in height, such as a wooden or plastic pallet.

  • All pieces must be:
    • Positioned on top of the platform vertically on their rim or bottom

    • Located fully within the footprint of the platform so that the drums, cans and barrels do not hang out over the platform

    • Secured to the platform using bi-directional banding with a minimum of two bands per direction. The bands must be strong enough to secure the load to the platform. Lateral bandings are recommended for additional support.
  • All drums, cans and barrels must be secured in such a way that no pieces may shift, lean, or otherwise contort during normal cargo handling.

  • We are unable to accept loose drums, cans and barrels

We are here to help you with these new requirements. If you have any questions about the change, please reach out to your United Cargo Sales representative or our customer service center at 800-822-2746 or cargo@united.com.

As always, we value your support and appreciate your business.

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