Our interline and joint venture alliances expand our network reach to connect customers to more destinations around the globe.

Interline alliances

United Cargo's Interline alliances are designed to provide our customers with greater capacity to destinations around the globe. Through combined service with our partners, United Cargo's worldwide interline network extends our reach to nearly everywhere in the world. As your needs expand, United Cargo’s interline options get your shipments where they need to be – in a hurry. For more information about flight schedules and competitive rates, contact us.

Joint venture alliances

United’s cargo joint venture alliances with All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Lufthansa Cargo expand our network reach and enable us to offer more choices, destinations, frequencies, and connectivity to more customers across the globe. We have designed our shared product offerings, technology and processes to ensure that customers shipping via the UA-ANA or UA-Lufthansa cargo joint ventures receive the same high-quality service they have come to expect from each of these leading cargo carriers.

Joint venture advantages

More ways to ship

  • Combined network for more routes and destinations
  • Increased capacity
  • Aligned products and services to meet your every need

The speed your customers demand

  • More nonstop flights for shorter lead times
  • Faster, more frequent connections
  • Many co-located facilities and joint warehouses

Service you can count on

  • One-stop booking
  • Integrated cargo tracking
  • Increased service recovery options

Where can we take your shipments?

With the ease and convenience of combined networks, your choice of shipping destinations has expanded. With ANA Cargo, we’ve raised the standard of shipping between the U.S./Canada and Japan. With Lufthansa Cargo, we’ve partnered to offer more capacity and services between the U.S. and Europe.

Joint Venture map
View the routes available with our Joint Venture partnerships above.