Operational bulletins

TrustUA Resumes Full Service     09/24/20

Effective immediately, United Cargo is resuming TrustUA shipments on all United flights. As always, TrustUA shipments will be given the highest priority, special handling, and proactive monitoring at every point of transit in the journey.

Please note, this announcement does not apply to interline TrustUA shipments. Due to the impact of COVID-19, shipments may be affected by last-minute flight changes, flight cancellations, or reduced hours at United facilities. Click to view the updated list of temporary changes to hours of operation.

To make a booking, please contact our TrustUA specialized handling desk at 1-855-822-2737 or via email at TrustUA@united.com. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday 0600-2300 and Saturday & Sunday 0900-1730. For more information, please visit United Cargo's TrustUA page.

United Cargo values our relationship with you, and we appreciate your ongoing support.

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