Operational bulletins

Service Adjustments in SDF and MCI    07/21/20

United Cargo is modifying our operations at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (formerly known as Standiford Field - SDF) in Louisville, Kentucky and Kansas City International Airport (MCI) in Kansas City, Missouri. Please note the changes as detailed below:

-- Effective July 27, 2020 until further notice, United Cargo will no longer accept or transport outbound GEN and EXP shipments at SDF or MCI.

-- Effective July 27, 2020 through August 3, 2020 all inbound GEN and EXP service will be temporarily suspended at SDF and MCI.

-- All QuickPak and LifeGuard shipments will continue to be accepted. In SDF, QuickPak and LifeGuard shipments will continue to be accepted and released at the United Baggage Service Office (BSO) at the airport terminal. Beginning August 3, 2020 in MCI, QuickPak and LifeGuard shipments will be accepted at the Ticket Counter and will be released at the Baggage Service Office (BSO), both located in the airport terminal.

-- Please note, any GEN and EXP shipments that arrive on or after August 3, 2020 as well as any shipments not yet recovered from the SDF or MCI freight facility before July 30, 2020, must be recovered at the appropriate Forward Air locations. The addresses, contact information, and hours of operation for each location are detailed below:

Forward Air SDF
2630 Transglobal Dr., Suite 101
Louisville, KY 40219
Phone number: (502) 966-6069
Fax number: (505) 966-6072
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday: 0900-1600; Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Firms code: K851

Forward Air MCI
1013 Mexico City Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64153
Phone number: (816) 243-8462
Fax number: (816) 243-8470
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday: 0600-2000; Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Firms code: K0740

As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and are committed to continue providing efficient and high-quality service for your SDF and MCI shipments.

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