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TrustUA Shipments to and from Latin America Resume July 15    07/14/20

United Cargo is pleased to announce that, effective July 15, we will resume booking of casketed TrustUA shipments for transport to or from Latin America including BJX, BZE, CUN, GDL, GRU, MEX, UIO, SCL, SJD, SJO, and SJU. Additional destinations will be announced as our flight schedules evolve.

-- Casketed human remains can also be transported within the 48 contiguous United States as well as to and from Guam and Honolulu, Guam and Saipan, and Guam and Manila. Please note that casketed TrustUA shipments to and from Alaska and Hawaii (with the exception of HNL-GUM) and all other international locations remain temporarily suspended.

-- Only online United routings will be accepted. All interline TrustUA shipments remain suspended.

-- As always, TrustUA shipments will be given the highest priority, and we will continue to treat human remains with compassion during every point in the journey.

-- However, due to the impact of COVID-19, shipments may be affected by last-minute flight changes, flight cancellations or reduced hours at United facilities. (Click to view the updated list of temporary changes to hours of operation.)

-- Shippers should advise family members of the deceased that shipments may be impacted by these factors and should notify family members immediately if the shipment is affected.

-- United will make every attempt to transport shipments as booked. However, any casketed human remains shipment that cannot be flown from origin within one day of the original scheduled departure must be retrieved from United's facility by the shipper.

-- International or domestic cremated remains shipments can be transported via our QuickPak product. Cremated remains may be transported on United's passenger flights and on United's cargo-only flights network.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact our TrustUA experts at 1-855-822-2737 or TrustUA@united.com. Please note, all booking requests must be made within 5 days of travel and are subject to capacity restrictions.

United Cargo values our relationship with you, and we appreciate your ongoing support.

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