Operational bulletins

United Cargo System Upgrade Enables Transmission of FNAs    02/12/20

We are pleased to announce that a recently completed technology upgrade enables United Cargo's host system to trigger FNA messages in response to failed FWBs/FHLs, and FMA messages in response to successfully processed FWB/FHLs.

Customers who send FWBs/FHLs to United Cargo and are configured for FNAs should have already begun to receive them. Customers not yet configured to receive these messages will be configured to receive the FNA. FMA messages will be triggered based on input from the customer and/or their Cargo Community System (CCS).

Whether customers send FWB/FHL messages directly to United or through a CCS, FNA and FMA messages will be sent to the address that transmitted the FWB/FHL messages to United Cargo.

This recent upgrade is the first in a number of steps United Cargo will take to optimize our e-AWB capabilities and facilitate the transition to paperless cargo transport. We thank all customers who contribute to a more efficient supply chain by participating in the electronic transport of data.

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