Operational bulletins

Revision to INTL AWB Conditions of Contract Eff. 12-28-19    12/04/19

The Montreal Convention of 1999 (MC99) establishes the liability limits of air carriers in relation to the international carriage of cargo. MC99 also requires that carrier's liability limits, expressed in Special Drawing Rights (SDR), be reviewed every five years and adjusted for inflation if necessary.

In the latest review earlier this year, ICAO determined the inflation factor was sufficient to trigger an increase in the limits of liability. Therefore, effective December 28, 2019, carrier's limit of liability for cargo subject to MC99 will increase from 19 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) per kilogram to 22 SDR per kilogram. IATA has made the corresponding change to Resolution 600b with the same effective date.

Please note! United Cargo will continue to accept the current version of our air waybill, and any valid customer-generated air waybill, printed with an unamended IATA Resolution 600b. Despite any reference to a lower number of SDR per kilogram defining carrier's liability limit that may be printed on the back of these air waybills, carrier's liability limit of 22 SDR per kilogram will apply to the carriage of cargo subject to MC99 on and after December 28, 2019.

Thank you as always for your cooperation and your business.

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