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G2 Secure Staff is United Cargo's New Service Partner in BOI    12/02/19

United Cargo is pleased to announce that G2 Secure Staff is our new service partner providing cargo handling at Boise Airport in Idaho (BOI).

G2 Secure Staff, LLC employs over 6,000 aviation services professionals at 54 major airports across the U.S., and their team of experts understand the importance of quality cargo services and on-time delivery.

For the convenience of our customers, the address, phone number, hours of operation and Customs FIRMS code (shown below) are not changing in BOI. Details of United Cargo's operations at BOI:

Service Partner:
G2 Secure Staff

2827 Apollo St.
Boise, ID 83705

Phone Number:
(208) 383-3383

Customer Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 05:30-18:00
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Customs FIRMS Code:

United Cargo appreciates your business and thanks you for your support. We look forward to partnering with G2 Secure Staff to provide fast, secure and reliable shipping to and from BOI.

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