Approved GPS and tracking devices

United accepts a variety of electronic tracking and temperature-monitoring devices on our mainline aircraft.

If you choose, you may place a GPS or other electronic tracking device in your shipment for additional visibility. The following devices have been approved for use by our engineering team:

GPS and tracking devices

  • 7PSolutions GD100
  • FedEx SenseAwareSM 3000
  • 7PSolutions GL200-Tracker
  • FedEx SenseAwareSM 1000
  • 7PSolutions GL300W
  • FedEx SenseAwareSM 2000
  • CalAmp SC Ion Bluetooth Tag
  • Kirsen A-Type
  • CalAmp SC1000/1004
  • Moog Crossbow ILC2000
  • CalAmp SC1100/1102
  • OnAsset SENTRY 400 FlightSafe
  • CartaSense U-Sensor/CCM
  • OnAsset SENTRY 500 FlightSafe
  • Controlant EHF Model CO 10.01
  • Sendum Wireless PT300
  • Cubic Global Sentinel-5B
  • SenseAware PT300D
  • Cubic Global Sentinel-5L
  • Sensitech TempTale4
  • Cubic Mesh Asset Tag RSU-3
  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service PT-200
  • DataLong16 DL 16-08-GS-A
  • ZillionSense Tracking Device