At United Cargo®, we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service. That’s why we make it easy to submit a claim when something’s not right, and keep you updated as we work to resolve the issue.

Loss or damage claim

As with any transportation service, damage or loss of cargo may occur at any time.

A loss or damage complaint must be made in accordance with the following guidance:

  • Damage: 14 days from the date of receipt of the cargo
  • Non-delivery: 120 days from the date of the issue of the air waybill, or if an air waybill has not been issued, within 120 days from the date of receipt of the cargo for transportation by United
  • Delay: 21 days from the date of receipt of the cargo. The delay must be supported by a specific date and/or event to be considered a “delay” claim
Submit a claim

Notice of intent

If you are not able to submit a claim within 14 days, you can file a "Notice of Intent" to extend the time frame.

In the case of loss, damage or delay of cargo, a Notice of Intent to Claim or a formal claim must be made to United by the shipper, consignee or an authorized agent. This complaint may be made to United or the carrier that performed the carriage during which the loss, damage or delay took place.

Status updates

Inquiry for status details

Need a status update on a claim number you received? Or have you already filed a Performance Guarantee refund request? Use this form to submit a status inquiry.
Please note: The usual processing time for a formal claim can take up to 60-90 days.

Declared value of carriage

Loss or damage exceeding liability limits

Declared value of a shipment provides coverage over and above the standard limits of liability in the case of loss or damage.

Performance Guarantee refund

Request a refund if the terms of our Performance Guarantee were not met.

Performance Guarantees* apply to EXP, QuickPak®, TrustUA, TempControl, LifeGuard, UASecure, and PetSafe shipment and certain restrictions apply.
United reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Performance Guarantee refunds program at any time and for any reason without notice. 

*Temporarily suspended until further notice.