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Getting started with United Cargo

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To ship with us your company must have an established business relationship with United that includes a United Cargo or IATA account number. The account application must be submitted by an authorized company officer or the owner.

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If you are already a customer of United Cargo, register to access a suite of online services that allow you to check flight schedules and space availability, make bookings2, create and print air waybills, receive automatic notifications to track your shipments and track each consignment throughout its journey.

1 In accordance with TSA security requirements, United Airlines will accept packages from Known Shippers (commercial or private shippers qualified by TSA requirements) or "TSA-approved indirect air carriers" (Freight Forwarders, Integrators, Couriers or Consolidators with TSA certification). Known Shippers are entities who wish to tender their own goods for air transportation on a passenger air carrier and have gone through an approval process mandated by the TSA. If you are not a Known Shipper, by filling out the New Account Application, the process of becoming a Known Shipper with United Cargo will be started. During this process we will verify your information through the TSA database. If a site inspection is required there will be a non-refundable minimum fee of $75.00. This fee is mileage based and may be higher. When a site visit is necessary, recurrent site visits following the initial inspection will be necessary to remain on the Known Shipper list.

2 Some shipments, such as live animals, blood, tissue, animal semen, small packages, hazardous materials and human remains, have unique requirements and cannot be booked online. For more information, contact us.