Shipping guide

  • Container specifications

    Learn which containers are available, their dimensions, maximum capacity, and aircraft compatibility.

  • Aircraft specifications

    We are proud of our modern and fuel efficient mainline fleet. Cargo specifications including door dimensions and capacity for each of our mainline fleet types are available here.

  • Approved tracking devices

    GPS and electronic tracking devices may be included in your shipment for additional visibility. Review which devices have been approved for use on United aircraft.

  • Dimensional weight calculator

    Rates are calculated based on the weight or space that a shipment occupies. This is known as dimensional weight. Use this calculator to determine the dimensional weight of your shipment.

  • e-Freight

    e-Freight offers multiple channels for electronically communicating booking information, master air waybill details and house manifest data.

  • United Eco-Skies® CarbonChoice

    Calculate and purchase carbon offsets that will reduce the carbon footprint associated with your shipments. Contact your local Cargo Sales Representative or email United Eco-Skies CarbonChoice for custom calculations and localized offset projects.