• EXP

    EXP offers expedited air freight service for time-sensitive, priority shipments to cities around the world. View the GEN versus EXP product comparison chart.

  • GEN

    GEN provides economical and reliable air freight service, delivering the best logistics value. View the GEN versus EXP product comparison chart.

  • LifeGuard

    Count on our LifeGuard service to deliver your vitally important medical shipments when time is of the utmost importance.

  • PetSafe

    When pets are traveling as air cargo, our priority is keeping them safe and stress-free, so their owners can rest assured that they’ll arrive healthy and happy. Our PetSafe® product features specialized care throughout your pet’s journey.

  • QuickPak

    QuickPak offers the fastest same-day, small package airport-to-airport service for packages under 100 lbs. or 90 linear inches.

  • TempControl

    Your temperature-sensitive shipments require special care. Our specialized TempControl systems safeguard your cargo on the ground and in the sky.

  • TrustUA – funeral shipments

    A true measure of any business is its compassion during a time of need. That’s why we offer TrustUA, a specialized service specifically designed to assist in the transportation of human remains.

  • UASecure

    Care and personalized attention are critical for the shipment and storage of your high-value goods. We are proud to provide customers with secure, chain-of-custody and around-the-clock monitoring for their high-value shipments with UASecure.