Getting started with United Cargo

New customer registration

For customers who do not have an established business relationship, TSA requires verification of creditworthiness and establishment of a shipping agreement. Apply to ship with us.

Existing customer web registration

If you are already a customer of United Cargo, register to access a suite of online services that allow you to check flight schedules and space availability, make bookings, create and print air waybills, receive automatic notifications to track your shipments and track each consignment throughout its journey. Register to book and manage your shipments.

Payment methods

Here you will find a list of accepted methods of payment.


Cash is defined as currency, personal check, company check, cashier’s check or traveler’s check. Cash is accepted at some Cargo warehouse locations for select accessorial charges. The station forms of payment matrix can be found under “More news” on our home page.

Cashier’s checks or traveler’s checks are accepted for select accessorial charges if issued by banks, the U.S. Postal Service, or American Express only, and must be in the currency of the country in which it is being presented.

Note: PetSafe and QuickPak shipments tendered at airport terminal counters and many Cargo warehouse locations must be paid with a credit card or paid on account.

United Cargo account*

United will extend credit to those customers who have an approved United Cargo account in good standing. United will not extend credit on a one-time basis. Complete an account application to get started.

Company or personal check* (made payable to United Airlines)

Acceptance of a company or personal check is subject to specific limits and the procedures outlined in this section. Checks must include a printed name, mailing address, telephone number and preprinted bank MICR number, and must be drawn on a bank in the country in which it is being presented. A valid driver’s license with a picture and a major credit card are required when a personal check is presented. No third-party checks will be accepted. Checks and money orders will be accepted for the exact amount of freight charges only.


  • Company check up to $1,250 USD
  • Individual check up to $500 USD
  • Other forms of check payment such as money orders are accepted if issued by banks, the U.S. Postal Service, or American Express only, and must be in the currency of the country in which it is being presented
  • QuickPak shipments tendered at airport terminal counters must be paid with a credit card or paid on account. Cash or checks are not accepted.

Credit cards

  • American Express/Optima
  • Diner’s Club
  • Discover Card
  • JCB Card
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Debit cards bearing Visa/MasterCard logos

Government Bill of Lading (GBL)*

GBL is an authorization from a government agency for payment of transportation charges prepaid or collect.

Government Transportation Request (GTR)

GTR is for human remains shipments only.

IATA account

United will extend credit to those customers who have an approved IATA account in good standing and have been accepted by United. (For further details, refer to your CNS contract.)

Contact us with questions about payment methods or opening an account.

* Some restrictions may apply. Contact us for details.

Agreement between user and United Airlines

In addition to all other applicable tariffs, contracts of carriage, rules, regulations, rates, charges, policies, guidelines, disclaimers, terms or conditions (collectively, the "Terms"), as a registered or unregistered, authorized or unauthorized user (including user’s employees, invitees, agents, and all other persons with access to user’s passwords) (collectively, "Users") of United Airline’s website services ("United Services"), you are voluntarily, expressly and knowingly hereby agreeing that these Special Terms and Conditions apply to your access and use of United Services, and that you are bound by them. If you do not agree, you must not use or permit others to use United Services.

Special terms

While the Special Terms and Conditions are extremely important to you, they are not intended to, and will not be interpreted to, alter, change, modify, amend or nullify any other applicable Term to the extent such Term is clearly inconsistent with these Special Terms and Conditions. Although Users who are not either (1) registered with United as Users of United Services ("Registered Users") or, (2) employees or agents of such Registered Users authorized to act on behalf of such Registered Users, are hereby prohibited from accessing or using United Services, each such Registered User agrees to be and shall be liable to United for and hold United harmless against any acts or omissions of such unregistered or unauthorized Users as a result of their access to or use of United Services by the use of a Registered User’s password or other access device.

Speculative bookings and reservations

Unless and to the extent otherwise expressly permitted in writing by United Airlines ("United"), and regardless of the nature of your business or activity (e.g., shipper, jobber, freight consolidator, corporate client, private individual, consignor, consignee, etc.), you will not access or use, or permit others to access or use, United Services for (1) speculative bookings of space, (2) speculative reservations of space, (3) cargo or freight processing, consulting, management, handling, tendering, shipping or transportation services, (4) conducting or participating in networking operations with third-party systems or, (5) performing bookings or reservations for others in return for compensation or any other benefit or thing of value (collectively, "Improper Conduct"). In its sole discretion and in addition to any other rights or remedies available to it, United reserves the right to determine whether the User(s) is(are) engaging in Improper Conduct, charge the Registered User (whose facilities or access rights have been used for Improper Conduct) an Improper Conduct service fee, and a cancellation fee for any unused space, and inhibit, limit or terminate (at any time and from time to time) the Registered User’s access (in whole or in part) to United Services. The Registered User shall indemnify United against all damages, loss or expenses which United suffers or incurs as a result of such Improper Conduct.

Data and system security

The Registered User shall create and at all times maintain a data and system security program with comprehensive measures, policies, controls and practices ("Security Measures") that are necessary to prevent unauthorized or improper access to or use of data and information (or other content) in the United Services database (including, but not limited to, Registered User identification codes and passwords). Registered User identification codes and passwords are specific to a business entity and are not related to specific individuals, therefore the Registered User must be diligent in its application and enforcement of its Security Measures. The Registered User may not use or permit any other party to use any hardware or software for access to United Services which causes damage to or loss of United Services, systems, networks, communications or software.

Operation and use

Users may exhibit the United Services screen displays only to Registered User authorized employees and authorized agents, and use United Services data and information relating only to or generated by the Registered User for the purpose of performing the specific business functions of reviewing space availability, booking and reserving space, modifying or canceling reservations, and reviewing existing reservations for Registered User operations and for those of its shipping customers, and monitoring its internal operational performance, but for no other purpose or function. Any undesignated business use and all non-business uses are strictly prohibited. The Registered User will promptly notify United of any actual, threatened or suspected unauthorized access, unauthorized use, misuse or infringement of or involving United Services, data, information or content (including, but not limited to, Registered User identification codes and passwords), and will provide reasonable assistance to United in connection with protecting the rights of United in such services, data, information and content.

Liability for charges / network damage

By using, allowing others to use, or failing to prevent unauthorized use of its United Services access rights, the Registered User hereby agrees to be responsible for, and shall hold United and its suppliers and licensors harmless from, (1) all charges, fees, duties, taxes and assessments applicable (from time to time) to the User’s access to or use of United Services and (2) any damages to any communications networks or services (whether common carrier or private networks or services) caused by the User’s access to or use of United Services, in each case where access or use by a User occurs through use of the Registered User’s identification codes, passwords, authorizations, permits, facilities, software, hardware, media, arrangements, or agreements.

Protected property

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Enhancements and modifications

United retains the right, among others, to enhance or modify United Services or software at its discretion at any time and from time to time. The User (including the Registered User) hereby agrees that its use of such enhancement or modification will constitute its affirmative agreement to pay United the prevailing charges, if any, then associated with such enhancement or modification, and to follow any additional procedures and instructions associated with the proper use of such enhancements and modifications.

Liability disclaimer

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Use of information

See the United Cargo Privacy Policy.

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Limitation of remedy

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Reservation of rights

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