UASecure provides customers with secure, chain-of-custody and around-the-clock monitoring for high-value shipments across United's unparalleled worldwide network. We offer secure storage facilities in over 80 locations worldwide and have knowledgeable and courteous staff available to assist you in selecting itineraries that feature the fastest transit options and highest levels of security.

Please review the product description below to see how UASecure can meet your shipping needs, and contact us for assistance with your UASecure reservation.

Service description

  • Airport-to-airport air freight service
  • High priority and special handling at all points in routing
  • Transport on sealed Exclusive Trucks (EUVs) may be available

UASecure delivers peace of mind and airtight procedures for:

  • Shipments where valuation coverage or shipper's interest insurance in excess of $25,000 USD has been requested.
  • Shipments containing the following commodities, regardless of whether or not there is declared value coverage or shipper's interest insurance. See list below*:
    • Artwork or watches
    • Fur or fur-trimmed clothing
    • Gems (cut or uncut, including diamonds for industrial use)
    • Jewelry (other than costume jewelry)
    • Negotiable instruments (inclusive of blank credit cards and traveler's checks) such as bonds, coins, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, money, promissory notes, securities and stock certificates
    • Opals
    • Pearls (real or cultured)
    • Precious metals in any form (liquid, grain, sheet, foil, powder, sponge, wire, rod, tube, circles, molding, castings, dust, sulfides, cyanides, concentrates, precipitates and bullion)
    • Electronics (computer chips or other computer equipment)

* Commodities in this category, if underinsured, may be subject to co-insurance.

Acceptance times (prior to scheduled flight departure)*

International shipments:

  • Gateway locations: must be tendered at least three hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time
  • All other locations: must be tendered at least two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time

Intra-U.S. shipments:

  • Must be tendered at least two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time

* Acceptance times
All shipments must be accepted and processed before the drop times listed. Please allow enough time to arrive at the cargo facility, tender your shipment with the agent and complete the acceptance process. Peak times may result in longer lines and more processing time. Shipments that complete the tender process and are accepted after the drop off time will be booked on the next available flight.

Acceptance times may vary by location. See station information for specific drop-off locations and times.

Recovery times (after actual flight arrival)*

International shipments:

  • Available for pickup three hours after flight arrival

Intra-U.S. shipments:

  • Available for pickup two hours after flight arrival

* Availability times may vary by location. See station information for specific recovery locations and times.

Packaging requirements

To ensure that the shipping process goes as smoothly as possible, please adhere to the following requirements:

  • High-value articles must be packed in sealed wood or metal outer containers no smaller than 12” x 12” x 12” (1 cu. ft.).
  • The seal numbers must be recorded on the air waybill and transfer manifest.
  • Containers must have a minimum top loading capability of 75 lbs. per square foot and have sufficient strength to allow other freight to be stacked around and on top of the container.
  • Each piece of the shipment must be legibly and durably marked with the name, address, and telephone number of the shipper and consignee. The nature or value of the contents must not appear on the outer packaging.


  • All shipments must be booked, with 24 hours advance notice, through the UASecure Desk.
  • Shipments can move on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays with approval from Loss Prevention.
  • Air waybills are prepaid charges only. The nature of the contents or value of a shipment should not be displayed on its outer packaging.

Approved GPS and tracking devices

GPS and electronic tracking devices may be included in your shipment for additional visibility. Review which devices have been approved for use on United aircraft.

Performance guarantee update

As travel demand and government restrictions continue to impact our schedule, all service guarantees have been suspended until further notice.