TrustUA - funeral shipments

A true measure of any business is its compassion during a time of need. That’s why we offer TrustUA, a specialized service specifically designed to assist in the transportation of human remains shipments.

Our special services team is trained to address all travel-related issues you may face and can arrange to transport your shipment immediately. All funeral shipments are given special priority, and bereavement fares may be available to family members or escorts accompanying the shipment.

Human remains shipments can be transported to cities served by United around the globe. And, through our partnerships with other airlines, we can ship to virtually any location in the world. Wherever the destination may be, we treat human remains with compassion during every point in the journey.

For reservations or more information about our caring and professional service, please contact our specially trained staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Airport-to-airport air freight express service
  • Booked on flights specified by the customer
  • Interline flight routings available to many destinations worldwide
  • Highest priority boarding
  • Special handling and proactive monitoring at every point of transit
  • Expedited high quality shipping options for cremated remains

Cremated remains

We offer high-quality shipping options for cremated remains. Bookings are accepted by our TrustUA specialized handling desk and shipped under our QuickPak product.

TrustUA includes proactive monitoring for shipments under 100 lbs. and less than 90 linear inches.

United reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Performance Guarantee refunds program at any time and for any reason without notice. Refunds will also not be paid if United determines, in its sole discretion, that the delay was caused by weather conditions, mechanical delay of aircraft, or any other reason beyond United Cargo's control.

Acceptance times*

Minimum drop off times (prior to scheduled flight departure)

International shipments

Gateway locations**

180 min

All other locations

120 min

Intra-U.S. shipments

All locations

120 min

* Acceptance times
All shipments must be accepted and processed before the drop times listed. Please allow enough time to arrive at the cargo facility, tender your shipment with the agent and complete the acceptance process. Peak times may result in longer lines and more processing time. Shipments that complete the tender process and are accepted after the drop off time will be booked on the next available flight.

Acceptance times may vary by location. See station information for specific drop-off locations and times.

** The gateway location is the station where the shipment is loaded on an international flight.

Recovery times*

Minimum times (after flight arrival)

International shipments

180 min

Intra-U.S. shipments

120 min

* Availability times may vary by location. See station information for specific recovery locations and times.

Shipping requirements

  • Advance reservations are required.
  • Must comply with all local, state, federal and international regulations and paperwork requirements
  • Funeral shipments must be packed in an acceptable casket and air tray or combination unit. See packing requirements below.
  • Certificate of death, burial permit, burial removal permit and/or other documentation as required by local, state, federal and international regulations must accompany funeral shipments.
  • Shipments weighing 500 lbs. or more require advance notification and approval by the TrustUA desk.
  • Intra-U.S. cremated remains are transported using our QuickPak service.

Packaging requirements

Funeral shipments must be shipped in an acceptable casket and air tray or combination unit.

Air tray

The air tray is an outer container used to protect and conceal the inner packaging (casket) and meet the handling requirements.

  • A new air tray must be used for each shipment.

Container requirements:

  • Six (6) handles for ease in moving
  • An identification envelope, window or insert to secure shipping documents
  • Orientation label (“HEAD”) to assist in loading and unloading

Zeigler tray

The Zeigler air tray is a single-unit container made of 20-gauge steel construction with a channel gasket lid that is hermetically sealed. The design of these containers allows the unit to be accepted alone for transportation without the need for an additional internal “casket.”

Combination unit

A combination (“combo”) casket and air tray unit is required when remains are being tendered without a standard casket. This special type of container must have the following qualities:

  • Fiberboard construction strong enough to assure protection of the human remains.
  • Construction rigid enough to permit normal handling with no flexing during acceptance, ramp transport, loading and unloading. There must be sufficient strap loops or handle devices.
  • These containers should be designed to ensure that the remains are secured to prevent any internal motion.

The “casket” part of the unit must:

  • Be made of corrugated paperboard, plastic, wood particleboard or masonite
  • Meet the destination country’s coniferous wood treatment requirements
  • Contain straps to secure the remains

Approved GPS and tracking devices

GPS and electronic tracking devices may be included in your shipment for additional visibility. Review which devices have been approved for use on United aircraft.