Count on our LifeGuard service to deliver your vital medical shipments when time is of the utmost importance. LifeGuard offers timely, efficient, same-day airport-to-airport service.

For reservations and pricing, contact our specially trained LifeGuard professionals.

Your benefits

  • Expedites priority shipments of up to 100 lbs. (45.4 kg) with a maximum size of 90 linear inches (228.6 cm) (L+W+H) per package
  • Highest boarding priority above all other shipments
  • Specially trained, dedicated personnel hand load each shipment on and off the flight
  • Fastest airport-to-airport service available on United and United Express flights
  • Shipments move quicker than bags using bar code scanning to track progress
  • Global oversight and real-time notification provided by our LifeGuard Desk 24/7
  • We guarantee the flight you choose. Drop your shipments within the acceptance standards and we guarantee to move your shipment on the flight as planned



Contact us to book at least 2 hours prior to departure

Network availability

United and United Express®

Connecting flights

Transfers like a bag with scanning and fast connections


100 lbs. / 45.4 kg


90 linear inches / 228.6 cm

Boarding priority


Freight facility drop time†

60 minutes prior to flight departure

Terminal or QuickPak counter drop time†

45 minutes prior to flight departure

Recovery time†

As little as 45 minutes after flight arrival

Dangerous goods accepted

Accepted, with some limits


Prepaid or third-party account***

LifeGuard service is required for all human organs and all human tissues shipments.

Acceptance times
All shipments must be accepted and processed before the drop times listed. Please allow enough time to arrive at the cargo facility, tender your shipment with the agent and complete the acceptance process. Peak times may result in longer lines and more processing time. Shipments that complete the tender process and are accepted after the drop off time will be booked on the next available flight.

Acceptance times may vary by location. See station information for specific drop-off locations and times.

All LifeGuard shipments tendered to United must meet TSA security requirements or be x-rayed by a qualified screener. Please review our rules and regulations or contact us for more information.

** LifeGuard shipments tendered at airport terminal counters must be paid with credit card or paid on account. Cash or checks are not accepted.

We suggest LifeGuard for your vitally important medical shipments

LifeGuard’s mission is to safely transport your vitally important medical shipments in a manner consistent with our core values of operational and safety excellence and customer service.

Medical shipments requiring dangerous goods such as dry ice or other hazardous commodities are accepted, but special rules and regulations will apply.

Please contact us for more details, including locations and hours of operation.

Approved GPS and tracking devices

GPS and electronic tracking devices may be included in your shipment for additional visibility. Review which devices have been approved for use on United aircraft.

Performance guarantee update

As travel demand and government restrictions continue to impact our schedule, all service guarantees have been suspended until further notice.

United reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Performance Guarantee refunds program at any time and for any reason without notice. Refunds will also not be paid if United determines, in its sole discretion, that the delay was caused by weather conditions, mechanical delay of aircraft, or any other reason beyond United Cargo's control.