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In accordance with TSA security requirements, United Airlines will accept packages from Known Shippers1 (commercial or private shippers qualified by TSA requirements) or "TSA-approved indirect air carriers" (Freight Forwarders, Integrators, Couriers or Consolidators with TSA certification).

Shipments received from TSA approved indirect air carriers must be from Known Shippers only.

For customers who do not have an established business relationship, the TSA requires verification of creditworthiness and establishment of a shipping agreement. Complete your application using the easy two-step process:

Step 1: download

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the form.

1. Cargo account application

Step 2: Submit to United Cargo using one of the following methods

1. Email to:
2. Fax to: 713-324-1175
3. Mail to:
United Airlines, Inc.
600 Jefferson Street
Houston, TX 77002

Within 10 business days from receipt of the signed document, you will receive an eligibility notification.

1 Known Shippers are entities who wish to tender their own goods for air transportation on a passenger air carrier and have gone through an approval process mandated by the TSA. If you are not a Known Shipper, by filling out the New Account Application, the process of becoming a Known Shipper with United Cargo will be started. During this process we will verify your information through the TSA database. If a site inspection is required there will be a non-refundable minimum fee of $75.00. This fee is mileage based and may be higher. When a site visit is necessary, recurrent site visits following the initial inspection will be necessary to remain on the Known Shipper list.