Air waybill preparation

United paper air waybills can be obtained at any United shipping location. The document includes a copy of United Cargo’s Terms and Conditions and liability. All international shipment air waybills must be typed, however we suggest that intra-U.S. air waybills are typed as well.

CNS endorsed agents are eligible for domestic air waybill number allocations through, subject to the parameters set forth by United. Air waybill number allocations are used by customers with the ability to print an Air Waybill using the IATA generic air waybill format or by using the create air waybill application available by logging into the My cargo section of

Air waybills must be prepared in accordance with applicable ATA and IATA Resolutions, including ATA Resolution 215.86 and IATA Resolution 600.

Step by step instructions for completing your air waybill: