Chicago, IL, US

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Facility Address

Main Cargo Facility

United Cargo

630 Main Cargo Rd

Chicago, IL 60666 US

Operating Hours
  • Size: 101.5m² controlled room temperature storage is available, accommodating 6 PMCs or 18 LD3s.
    Temperature: +20°C
  • 2 coolers available
    One cooler is 101.5 m² and accommodates 6 PMCs or 18 LD3s
    One cooler is 114.5 m² and accommodates 8 PMCs or 20 LD3s
    Temperature: +4.4°C
  • The onsite kenneling facility measures 850 square feet and services all PetSafe animals. The facility has 26 kennels for overnight usage, including six double runs.
  • A fenced in, 1,100 square foot area dedicated as a pet relief area or place for your pets to stretch their legs.
  • 1,000 square foot security vault is available for UASecure freight. Limited use may also be available to TempControl shipments.
  • eAWB import
  • eAWB export
  • 24 outlets available.

Customs and Payments