Aircraft specifications

A modern, fuel-efficient fleet to meet your shipping needs.

United operates a fleet of the most capable aircraft in the sky today, from nimble regional jets to long-range widebody models. Between more than 800 mainline aircraft and 600 regional airliners, we have the right equipment for your logistics needs at the ready.

Widebody aircraft

Narrow body aircraft

Regional jets

Only QuickPak and LifeGuard shipments under 100 lbs. are accepted on regional aircraft. Contact our team for more information.

United accepts dry ice on aircraft in accordance with ICAO/IATA and 19 CRF. For maximum limitations by aircraft type, visit our hazardous materials page.

Please note, shipment dimensions/measurements might have additional measurement constraints based on specific loading procedures.

* Includes passenger baggage volume.
** Accepted on select flights/routings. Prior approval required. Contact United Cargo for details.
***Aircraft with certain configurations hold fewer positions and less capacity.