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Prosegur Announced as United's Cargo Handler at PIT     10/01/20

United Cargo is pleased to announce that Prosegur will begin providing cargo handling for United Cargo at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) effective October 8, 2020. Prosegur is a multinational leader in integrated security solutions and has provided over 35 years of aviation service experience operating at major airports in the U.S. They will bring their global expertise and customer-focused experience in the cargo handling arena to United Cargo.

Please note the changes as detailed below:

-- The addresses, contact information, and hours of operation:

United Cargo/Prosegur at PIT
500 Tower Rd,
Building 1009
Coraopolis, PA 15108
Phone Number: (412) 776-8101
Fax Number: (412) 776-8129

COVID Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 0700-1930
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

-- The firms code for customs clearances will continue to be: B375
-- Please note all ancillary fees, including import service charges and storage fees, will be payable to United Cargo in PIT. All payments must be made by debit card, credit card, United Cargo Customer Account, Pay Cargo, or Cargo Sprint. Cargo is cashless and does not accept cash or checks as payment.
-- Customers who wish to set up a credit account with United Cargo should visit www.unitedcargo.com and click "Register," then "Apply to ship" to complete the online application. Please choose "Apply to Ship" to access the online credit account application even if you are applying for a new account solely for the purpose of paying terminal handling and storage fees.

United Cargo values your support and appreciates your business. We look forward to continuing to provide safe, swift, and secure transport for all your shipments to and from PIT.

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